What is Your New Years Resolution?

What is Your New Years Resolution?


We always laugh about making New Years Resolutions and whether or not we can keep them. The fact remains that most of us stick to the tradition and make a New Years resolution every year as we ring in the New Year.

I was curious as to what were the most popular New Years Resolutions are, and read hundreds from around the country. It was amazing how geographically we are alike in our commitment to making ourselves a better person each year.

After compiling and sifting, I have come up with the following most popular New Years Resolutions:

1. Get in Better Shape – Whether dieting, exercising or doing some type of fitness program.

2. Quit Smoking! Yup, I could not believe that there are still so many people that are encumbered
with this habit and trying desperately to get rid of it!quit-smoking

3. Spend more time with family.

4. Quit Drinking. I guess some cannot control their intake so this is a good thing.

5. Save Money. This is something everyone tries to do, whether resolving on New Year’s or not.

6. Enjoy Life to the fullest – which includes traveling.

7. Make a difference – Volunteer, help someone out.

8. Get Organized. This is something most of us try to do every day!

9. Stop procrastinating. Should I or shouldn’t I? LOL

10. Learn something new – read the newspaper or go back to school.

And one for the singles: Find someone special, fall in love and be happy.

Now, if you want to keep any or most of these New Years Resolutions, you will need to live here on the Emerald Coast!

You see, (1) you can get physically fit all year round in our lovely weather – strolling on the beach, kayaking on the bay or one of our many lakes, swimming in the pool or the Gulf of Mexico or cycling along the paths on 30A in South Walton County.

(2) Why would you want to smoke when you can breathe in the clean, salty air which is always refreshing.get-in-shape-new-years-resolution

(3) What a better place to spend more time with your family than in the Florida Panhandle, which is so family oriented.

(4) If you must quit drinking, you can get hooked on some of the best iced tea around along the Emerald Coast.

(5) You can begin saving your pennies here in the Destin and South Walton areas as you need not spend a dime to have a great time! From watching the sun melt into the Gulf of Mexico, to walks along the beach, to swimming in the Gulf, to fishing, to collecting seashells or watching the fishing fleet come in with their catch of the day…there is so much you can enjoy and still get to save your pennies!

(6) Enjoy life to the fullest. What better place than in the Panhandle to have fun! You don’t have to travel far to find fascinating things to see and do.

(7) Make a difference, volunteer. Yes, you can do this anywhere, but wouldn’t it be fun to volunteer knowing you will not have to worry about traveling in the snow? And you could volunteer at one of the State Park beaches!

(8) Get organized – and plan a trip to our area to see what you are missing. You will never want to go home unless you have organized another trip back!

relax-at-the-beach-new-year-resolution(9) Stop procrastinating! That is right. What are you waiting for? NOW is the time to buy your dream vacation place or permanent home. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…and it really is an awesome time to buy! 🙂

(10) Learn something new – you can easily read the newspaper or read a book on the beach, along the poolside or in the garden. What a better place to learn a new language or how to cook than in the sunshine of our beautiful Florida Panhandle.

So you see, it is really easy to keep a New Years Resolution. You just have to be in the right place to do it!

Debbie James

850 Properties
32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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