The Most Important Things to Look for When Buying A 30A Luxury Home for Sale

The Most Important Things to Look for When Buying A 30A Luxury Home for Sale

The Most Important Things to Look for When Buying A 30A Luxury Home for Sale

If you are buying a 30A luxury home for sale as a vacation home, an investment property or as a 2nd home, there are certain things you need to look for when selecting a beach property.

Own one of the hottest 30A luxury homes for sale and consider these factors that will make your investment perfect!

The main driving factors for most homebuyers when it comes to choosing beach property is location and price.

While access to the beach and amazing views are also important to 30A luxury home buyers, other factors such as size, proximity to important amenities/services, and possible saltwater corrosion should also be considered when it comes to choosing a home along 30A.

Here are 4 other factors to consider when choosing a beach house rental property:

  1. Low Maintenance

Home buyers should choose homes along 30A that are low-maintenance. For example, exterior would consist of hardiplank siding or hard coat stucco, minimum amount of landscaping and newer homes would meet this criteria.

Unless you are looking for a ‘fixer-upper, it is better to choose 30A luxury properties that require less maintenance. This provides you with a turn-key home which is ready to either move into or rent.

The closer the home is the the Gulf of Mexico, the more the 30A beach property is prone to saltwater corrosion. Also be sure to  check the soil base and inspect for pest problems since these elements could cost you thousands of dollars in maintenance.

  1. Potential for Rental Income and Popularity With Tourists

If you are planning to turn your 30A luxury home into a beach house vacation rental, make sure to do your research first. Check out the number of rental properties in your target neighborhood and their popularity among tourists along with its potential income from rent. Buyers typically don’t want to manage the rental (too many headaches!) and engage a Property Management Company.

  1. Size

The size of a 30A luxury home for sale is also important to ensure that your family or renters have enough room and space for all their gear. This is why buyers prefer a home with an open-concept floor plan, large kitchen and exterior balconies. Make sure your furniture is also resilient to cope with the normal wear and tear from different renters.

  1. Tax Rules

To maximize return on investment when renting or selling the property, buyers and sellers of homes for sale along 30A should also educate themselves on tax rules regarding vacation homes or rental property. Get advice from your accountant about the tax consequences if you will be renting out your home.

Make sure to maximize future profit from the 30A luxury home that you invested. Check out these important factors in buying a property.

Keeping these considerations in mind when choosing and buying a 30A luxury home will ensure that you can maximize future profit from the property and avoid huge unforeseen costs.

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