The Gifts of The Emerald Coast

The Gifts of The Emerald Coast

Sometimes those of us, who live along The Emerald Coast, whether full or part time, take the plethora of joy of this area for granted. Well, it is time to become a tourist in your own “backyard”.

destin-florida-sunset-topsl-state-parkHave you noticed the most magnificent sunsets that we have in this area? It is as though the sun slowly falls into the water, seeping its orange and yellow hues into the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And during the summer months, it is fun to watch the sun rise also. It appears as if the sun is rising out of the water, drawing the yellow and orange water into itself to fulfill its glorious glow until it has risen well above the Gulf.

Take a look at the sand dunes and grasses. Have you ever just sat on the sand and watched the summer breezes blow though the tall grasses? They look like hula dancers on the beach.

Or take a walk in one of our many seaside towns. There is eye candy for all walks of life. From art galleries to clothiers to cafes to Silver-streams selling yummy bites to eat to hand made jewelry to hand blown glass art. Oh, there is so much to take in. All while strolling in the clean, salty air of our beautiful Emerald Coast.

sand castle

The children and children at heart love to build sandcastles out of our quartz sand because it just lends itself to being molded with a little water. Take a walk along the water’s edge to find what treasures the Gulf has brought forth that day and imagine where that shell or urchin was a year ago, or maybe just a few minutes ago.

Grab a canoe or Yolo board and experience one of the tranquil lakes along Scenic 98 or 30A. Or take a bicycle ride with family or friends and pack a snack to stop at one of the rest areas along the beach.

Walk across the Destin FL Bridge and look down at the boats in the gorgeous turquoise water with the white sand glistening along its coast. It is truly breathtaking and almost surreal.

Or seize that book you have been meaning to read and sit on the beach and enjoy the background sounds of the surf while you fall into the depths of the story being told.

Sure is fun and relaxing being a tourist in your own backyard, along The Emerald Coast isn’t it?

Debbie James

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32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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