Reasons to Storm-Proof your Destin FL Real Estate

Reasons to Storm-Proof your Destin FL Real Estate

Reasons to Storm-Proof your Destin FL Real Estate

Destin FL real estateIf you own Destin FL real estate, your insurance company may offer discounts on your homeowner’s policy for fortifying your home against storm damage. Many states are requiring insurers to provide discounts to homeowners who initiate changes to make their property to make them more resistant to storms. The high number of weather-related problems lately has prompted states to require insurance companies to provide incentives to consumers. From snowstorms to flooding, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on several areas this year. Owners of Destin, FL real estate, being in a high-risk area, have seen insurance rates rise over the past several years.

The savings provided by the modifications can save those who own Destin FL real estate as much as 35% off the policy. There are several insurers offering a variety of discounts such as 27% in Texas for installing impact-resistant roofing or 30% off in New Mexico and Wyoming for roofing that will limit damage from hail. Residents in Alabama can save 10% for installing doors and windows that are weather-resistant.

Insurance companies will benefit from the discounts they are offering. When a home is fortified against weather damage the savings can be tremendous, compared to rebuilding the home. Other incentives are being offered to Destin FL real estate owners as well.Destin FL real estate

Many states are hosting sales tax holidays for purchases that can help during storms. Generators are one. In addition, some state and federal grants are available for building storm shelters. Mississippi will reimburse 75% of the cost of a safe room. The installation of doors and windows that are resistant to impact can mean an energy efficient savings on your taxes of 10% of the cost.

Not all states provide financial benefits for all projects. Some states and insurers do not give discounts for safe rooms due to the unpredictability of storms. Assessing whether the safe rooms really provide protection is difficult. Additionally, if you spend thousands of dollars improving the safety of your home, you likely will not recoup this money if you decide to sell. Items such as generators purchased by Destin FL real estate owners for use when storms disrupt power netted less than half of the added value to homes.

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