Real Estate and Life

Real Estate and Life

So, you’re probably wondering what real estate and life have to do with each other?question-man

Last week I returned from  S. Florida where I helped my mom move my Grandmother and her husband, Jerry, into an assisted living facility. God bless them both…Jerry is 90 and Grandma will be 90 in January. They are both sharp as a tack. It was a very interesting experience and one I will never forget.

Where they moved to is absolutely beautiful and the people, both residents and staff, were wonderful. Being there, though, really makes you think about your own life. For many years I had been trying to get them to exercise more and eat healthier…don’t get me started on that topic! They could look back and say “what if”. What if I exercised more, I wouldn’t need help getting around. What if I ate better, (cut out foods I was allergic to), I wouldn’t have stomach issues. What if I took my Grand Daughter’s advice…While in life, we can always play the “what if” game. But do you really want to?

I’m going to ask you, “what if you could buy the beach property you always dreamed about, at the bottom of the market and when interest rates are at their all time low”? What if in 3, 5 or 10 years from now you say “I should have listened to my real estate agent, I could have bought my dream property at the bottom of the market, she was right”.

Life is precious. Why not enjoy it while you still can? Will it really matter, in the long run, what you paid for your dream home or condo, when you are 90 and have been able to enjoy it for all those years?

Oh, and while at the facility, I met Lenora. She was in a wheel chair and was able to use her legs to wheel herself around (I gathered her arms weren’t strong enough). She is 107.

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