Life is Good in Destin, Florida

Life is Good in Destin, Florida

This is my favorite time of the year in Destin, Florida. A chill is in the air…fall is finally here!  The tourists are gone, the snowbirds haven’t arrived yet and all is quiet. No humidity, temps in the 70s with lots of sunshine every day. Life is good in Destin, Florida…just another reason I love living here…the weather!

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous. My husband, Michael and I spent the day Saturday doing some “touristy” stuff.  In the morning we went to the annual Seaside Yard Sale (and I even found a few great buys), walked around all the shops, looked at the emerald green water and then had lunch at Great Southern Cafe. We even bought ourselves a little something at Fusion Art Glass.  Then we headed over to Grayton Beach. For as long as we have lived here and as many times as I pass all the wonderful shops in Grayton Beach, I have never been in many of them!

It was wonderful a wonderful and relaxing day!

Debbie James

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32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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