Leap Year 2012

Leap Year 2012

For many of us, when we think of Leap Year we associate Sadie Hawkins Day as part of Leap Year.

Actually, Sadie Hawkins, a fictional character created in the Lil’ Abner comics by Capp, was needing a mate and had nothing to do with the extra 2012 leap yearday in February we are granted due to the solar/seasonal calendar complexity. However, many of the lands have declared February 29th (Leap Year) as a day for women to have the right to ask a man out on a date or even propose marriage!

I find this whole Leap Year / Sadie Hawkins Day quite interesting. Although we live in a progressive land where women are able to request the company of a male without intimidation or obligation any time of the year, many singles feel compelled to pursue a mate specifically on February 29th. Is it the St. Bridget’s Complaint from Ireland, where St Bridget complained to St. Patrick that women had to wait so long for a marriage proposal, which has indoctrinated the women here in the U.S.? I think not…or do I?

I started thinking more about the boldness of the theory of Sadie Hawkins Day and decided that in these modern times, we need to address this boldness and channel it into a positive result for this special Leap Year day which occurs every four years.

The first step is to eliminate the gender association of Sadie Hawkins, meaning it only applies to women. This day should include everyone. It should leap year 2012be a day to take advantage of the fact that we have an extra day to channel our efforts into a positive effort for our future. It should be a day to celebrate life because we are granted one more day this Leap Year to follow our dreams, to create a positive out of a negative, to enrich and delight. To Achieve. To Conquer. And yes, to Love.

So, on February 29th, 2012, instead of thinking about silly cartoons, let’s reflect on the gift of another day to live in the pursuit of Life, Love and Freedom in this glorious country.

Here’s to a fabulous Leap Year 2012!

Debbie James

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32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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