Pursuing Unique Gifts for the Holidays Along the Emerald Coast

Pursuing Unique Gifts for the Holidays Along the Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast has incredible shopping and lots of boutique shops.

Holiday Shopping along The Emerald CoastIt is that time of year once again when we start to pursue the great gifts of the season along the Emerald Coast. Each year, for many of us, it becomes more difficult to purchase that unique gift for that certain someone or gifts for the children who have almost everything now. And many of us are now watching our budgets closer than ever which makes it even more challenging to purchase a really nifty gift.

To make shopping easier, I have decided to make of list of all the people I am buying a gift for this year. Next to their name I am writing comments such as: hobbies, sports, career, school, alumni, or anything else that may lead me to think about who that person is and what they just might not have and must have!

Then, I take the list in hand and begin perusing stores along the Emerald Coast. I recommend that you go into all types of stores and keep an open mind to the inventory and the people on the list. You will be surprised how your imagination will expand and how you will see things in a store you may not have noticed before or even thought about using as a gift. For example: I had a friend that just purchased her first home and she was excited about starting a little garden. I marked on my list that one of her hobbies would be gardening. So, I went to my local hardware store and stood in the gardening section and stared at all the tools and gadgets for gardening. Then I saw a small wooden crate and thought, oh yes, I will fill

this small crate with tools and gadgets for my friend to use in her new garden. Or maybe you have a child that literally has every toy there is and every electronic device on the market. On my list, I wrote his name and how he loves to play his Xbox with his friends. Hmm… Got it. A huge beanbag for him and his friends to sit on while playing games. Tada! Unique Gifts along the Emerald CoastUnique but not expensive.

So, don’t grumble over having to purchase those gifts. Instead make it an adventure and a brain teasing game! With your list in tow, you will see how much easier purchasing a unique gift, along the Emerald Coast, can really be.

And, do not forget to support your local merchants. Destin and all along 30A, in South Walton County, there are some of the most fabulous stores and boutiques you will find.

Enjoy the sweet salty air that fills the Emerald Coast while you go in and out of the stores in pursuit of the most unique gift possible.

Debbie James

850 Properties
32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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