Destin FL Real Estate – An Undeniable Destination!

Destin FL Real Estate – An Undeniable Destination!

Destin FL Real Estate – An Undeniable Destination!

Destin FL real estateDestin FL real estate is becoming the place to live if you are into beaches, golf and places to escape to enjoy these amenities. Destin has been named by Business Week as a choice among 18 best “new golf places in the country to retire.” In addition, they were named by Southern Accents magazine readers as the number two destination for beaches and number eight for golf in the second annual Great Escapes Reader Travel Awards. Previously the Milken Institute had named Destin, FL as the Best Performing City in 2005 among small metros. Showing that Destin, FL real estate is becoming a popular choice of beach lovers and golfers, these are just a few of the national recognitions that have been awarded to the city.

The beaches in Florida are a result of sand that came from the Apalachicola River and the Appalachian Mountains 20,000 years ago. When the temperatures on earth began to get warmer after the Ice Age, the ice caps began to melt. This caused large amounts of water to be carried by the rivers to the oceans of the world. The Apalachicola River rose in the Appalachians and this water was carried to the Gulf of Mexico as it is today.

The water contained small particles of quartz, which was carried to the Gulf of Mexico. The quartz was deposited in the gulf and as the water rose, the shoreline was formed from the quartz sand. This process continues today in the area surrounding Destin FL real estate and to the west to Pensacola Pass, which is the end of the trip for the Apalachicola River.

Destin FL real estateDestin FL real estate is a choice that offers many who decide to relocate here the lifestyle that will allow them to enjoy the best beaches and golf courses as well as the great homes that are available. From condos to custom-built homes, the styles are diverse. There is sure to be something that will appeal to every taste. Victorian, traditional, a beach home or a townhouse are but a few of the many styles that will make Destin FL real estate the choice you will not regret.

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