Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Decorating Ideas on A Budget

decorating-ideas-on-a-budget-paintDecorating Ideas on A Budget

It is January, a New Year and time to relax after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. The festive decorations are put away and all of a sudden, the house looks rather bare. Ho-hum is what you say… are you bored yet? Well, don’t be!

Now is a great time to freshen and update your home for the upcoming springtime. If you are on a tight budget, not to worry! You can spend little to no money to freshen the look with these decorating ideas on a budget!

Many of these interior decorating ideas on a budget are great whether you plan to sell your home, or just want to breathe new life into it. There is nothing better than creating newness to your atmosphere to start off the New Year.

The first decorating idea begins by rejuvenating the kitchen, the hub of the home. Stand in the door well, or back a bit from the room, and take a good look. Painting is always an inexpensive way (if you paint yourself) to change the look of a room. Check out a blog post I did on “The Meaning of Colors” to help you decide on a paint color.

If you are happy with your color scheme but want a visual change, try clearing your counter tops completely or changpaint-decorating-ideasing your accents on the counters. A quick wall picture change and new kitchen towels and potholders can add a new color accent or theme. Do not be afraid to use something in your kitchen from your living room or bedroom. Accent pieces are universal when it comes to rooms and sometimes a new home for something makes it look entirely different. One important thing to remember: do not clutter, especially if you are selling your home. Keep it simple and just highlight a couple of pieces on the counter or shelf.

Revitalizing your guest bath, and/or half bath, is another space you may consider. Once again, paint is always a great way to obtain new charm. Think about new towels or accent pieces, such as a new soap dish and glass or candles. If it is a full bath, a new shower curtain is a great basis for a new theme. New pillows on your couch or side chairs can give a lift to your living/family room while new bed linens can spruce up a bedroom. If bedroom-painted-decorating-ideasthe cost for new bed linens is out of your budget, try lightening up your accent pillows and/or new lamp shades, both will brighten the room. Sometimes, removing heavy drapery in any room and leaving the window with just shutters, blinds or sheers, is a path you may consider for a sunnier, airier space.

Do not let any of your efforts be cumbersome or anxious driven. I also suggest going to HGTV as they have tons of interior decorating ideas for any and all types of rooms. You will find incredible decorating ideas there such as magnetic walls to save space, what paint colors stand the test of time and are classic, to learning how to create and hang a photo gallery.

Take your time and enjoy transforming your living space. Decorating ideas on a budget doesn’t need to be stressful! Let it reflect you and your family and let the sun shine in!

Debbie James

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