CitiMortgage Delays Foreclosures in Gulf of Mexico Region

CitiMortgage Delays Foreclosures in Gulf of Mexico Region

Last week CitiMortgage announced they would suspend foreclosures (primary residences) to help distressed homeowners in the Gulf of Mexico region. Borrowers with first mortgage loans owned by CitiMortgage and who meet certain other criteria will not be subject to foreclosure sales or foreclosure notifications. According to CitiMortgage, borrowers occupying residences in zip codes within approximately 25 miles of affected coastal areas will be eligible for the program. The suspension is effective from June 17 thru September 17.

This is good news for short sale sellers as they will have more time to get their property sold. Make sure you are priced “aggressively” based on other sales in your area. No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced property.

I applaud CitiMortgage for really “stepping up to the plate” and taking action. Hopefully, others will follow.

Debbie James

850 Properties
32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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