Best Alys Beach Parks for Families in 30A Luxury Homes

Best Alys Beach Parks for Families in 30A Luxury Homes

Best Alys Beach Parks for Families in 30A Luxury Homes

Aside from the beautifully designed 30A luxury homes in Alys Beach, it is also known for its parks which are an integral part of the design of Alys Beach. The parks in Alys Beach serve as central points for recreation and connecting the community.

These great parks near homes along 30A in Alys Beach are places you should not miss to visit!

Here are some of the best parks you shouldn’t miss in Alys Beach:


The Amphitheatre is the central gathering place for performances and concerts in Alys Beach. It’s also the perfect place for families to take a relaxing stroll around its beautifully sculpted lawns slanting towards the Gulf of Mexico. It’s elevated vantage point makes it a great place to view town events like concerts, plays, and movies. Children can enjoy running or rolling down the hill. At the north end is the amphitheater’s main attraction, the dancing fountain which is choreographed to stream water with the music. It’s also a great place to splash around and get wet under the Florida sun.

Arboleda Park

Arboleda means “grove of trees” in Spanish, which befits the park’s landscape of oak trees. The whitewashed trunks of its live oak trees give a striking contrast to the bright greens in Arboleda Park and lead to a sculpture called Leda the Mermaid. This stone sculpture was made by Steve Wagner, a local artist and resident of one of the homes along 30A.

Central Park

Located just beside the famous Caliza Pool in Alys Beach, Central Park boasts of lush lawns framed by native fauna which gives the park a wild and more natural look. The shade cast by the sand and slash pine trees and the soft grass create a perfect setting for a quiet picnic or relaxing on a blanket.

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Firepit Park

Firepit Park is one of the most favorite spots of 30A luxury home residents and guests to gather around the warmth of the firepit and enjoy socializing with friends. The Park was designed after the surrounding homes along 30A were built, which allowed the preservation of the views along Sea Garden Way and the Gulf of Mexico. The Firepit Park’s sunken core features a shell stone firepit surrounded by formal greens, a hedge of holly and a Medjool palm trees at each end,  in the tradition of 18th Century English landscape gardens.

Fonville Park

One of the original parks of Alys Beach is Fonville Park. It’s a favorite spot for adults and kids because of its simplicity and moderately steep grass hill with a pathway that leads to the top where kids love to climb and roll downhill. The beautiful view from the top shows the town of Alys Beach along the coastal terrain. There are zip lines, two playhouses, and a pingpong table to ensure fun for the entire family.

Whether you are visiting Alys Beach or a resident of a luxury home along 30A, make sure you don’t miss these parks for a relaxing stroll or a picnic with your family and get a feel of the laidback and relaxing atmosphere in Alys Beach.

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