5 Things You Should Never Say During Your 30A Luxury Home’s Open House

5 Things You Should Never Say During Your 30A Luxury Home’s Open House

5 Things You Should Never Say During Your 30A Luxury Home’s Open House

An open house is one way for sellers to showcase their 30A luxury homes for sale to a number of potential buyers. While you want to be as honest and open as possible to interested buyers, you also want to leave a good impression – and this means there are some things better left unsaid during an open house.

Make sure you are presenting your 30A luxury home for sale the correct way with these tips.

Here are 5 things you should never say during your 30A luxury home’s open house:

1. “The neighbors can get a bit noisy.”

Most buyers are looking for a 30A luxury residence where they can relax and escape from the noise and stress of city life. The last thing you want to do is create an impression of a home that cannot offer them peaceful evenings or weekends. Let the buyers judge for themselves if the noise level is tolerable or not. What may be “a little noise” to some may not bother another.

2. “The schools around here aren’t very good.”

Being near a school district with lots of great schools adds value to any property. Mentioning that the schools in your area are not that good can turn buyers off from your home along 30A. If you think the schools in your area are not up to your standards, it would be best not to mention them at all. Again, leave it to the buyers to decide whether the schools are good or not.

3. “The scented candle is covering up for the fishy smell from last night’s dinner.”

Your open house should help the buyer visualize how they can enjoy living in your home. If a candle is covering up an unpleasant odor, the buyer may wonder what else the seller is hiding.

4. “Pardon the carpet stain, that’s where the dog peed.”

Ever heard of the term “too much information?” This is one example of giving a buyer “too much information.” There’s a chance that the buyer is going to do something about the stained carpet or floor but being too honest about what caused it could turn a potential buyer off.

5. “There isn’t much to do around here besides the beach.”

Although buyers of 30A luxury homes want to know the nearest attractions, entertainment, and dining spots, there is no reason to be negative about a waterfront home. Buyers of homes along 30A most probably have already done their research online about the community and the fact that they are in your open house means they probably like it enough to consider buying your home. The 30A lifestyle is far from boring with all the events and places to see.

During the open house, it would be advisable if the owner does not linger in the home with the guests and to just leave them with the 30A luxury home agent. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally saying these things and guests won’t feel awkward asking questions about the home to the agent.

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