2011 Year in Review – 30A to Destin FL Real Estate

2011 Year in Review – 30A to Destin FL Real Estate

Are you still wondering if it’s a good time to buy real estate in Destin FL or along Scenic Hwy 30A?

Has your dream been to own a vacation property? Did you get priced out of the market during the crazy boom time? Want to buy at the bottom of the market?

Yes, yes and yes?!

Sales in Destin FL and along 30A, in 2011, were up over 31% vs. 2010 and pending sales are up just over 50%!

Everyday I am asked “what’s the market like?” or “are we at the bottom?” and “when will the market start to appreciate?”. While my crystal ball is in the shop, and I can’t find my 8-ball (gosh I wish I kept that one…I had no idea how handy it would be as an adult, lol), what I can tell you are some facts. We are at the lowest inventory levels since 2004…even lower than 2005!

Over the next week I will post some other charts showing the inventory levels from 30A to Destin FL starting in 2000 to present. I will also breakout the different areas, show single family home sales and condo sales individually. The chart below, combines them.

To download a spreadsheet, click HERE and select the file named “Final 2011 vs. 2010”.

2011 year in review 30a to destin fl
Click for larger image


30A to Destin FL Real Estate is selling! Don’t miss the opportunity to own your piece of paradise!

Debbie James

850 Properties
32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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